Walker County

By WVUA 23 Web Writer Matthew Barrett

Final resting places were disturbed last weekend as tombstones, benches and vases were vandalized at the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Cordova.

23-year-old Joshua Hicks and 24-year-old James Ray Harris are both being charged with criminal mischief and desecration of grave sites crimes. With more than 70 monuments destroyed, co-owners of Patterson Monument, Ryan Manasco and Dylan Lane decided to step up and help repair some of the larger monuments.

“People don’t just have money laying around to fix something they already paid for you know, they expect it to stay fixed,” Manasco said. “We are praying for the individuals responsible for all this and hopefully they can find some light somewhere and run with it.”

Cordova resident Timothy Hyche was the first visitor Mount Carmel had since the vandalism and also has taken notice to the injustice, and to the volunteering being done throughout the community.

“It’s just good to see there’s still good people out here in Walker County, “Hyche said. “These people live here, and like I said, they seen we had a need and they volunteered their time to come out and do this for us from Patterson Monuments and I just want to express my gratitude”

Cemetery board member, Twila Richardson said the Cordova Boy Scouts also plan to volunteer and clean up the rest of the debris left in the Mount Carmel Cemetery.

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