Highway 69 Wreck00000000

Two weeks ago, a Moundville couple was killed in a fiery crash on Highway 69 South when their vehicle collided with another near Upper Hull Road.

Today, one of the survivors is speaking out for the first time since the wreck. Derrick Lucy, 38, of Huntsville was driving the Dodge Charger involved in the wreck that killed Ascencion Marcelo Roque Jimenez and his wife, Maria Lucia Cortes Ixtla.

Lucy and his girlfriend both suffered significant injuries, but both are expected to make full recoveries. As he’s been healing over the past few weeks, Lucy said he’s been reflecting on the kindness that’s been shown to them by witnesses and locals immediately after the crash.

But there’s something else weighing heavily on his mind and heart: Jimenez and Ixtla left behind two daughters: Edith Cortes Ixtla, 22, and Monserrat Ascencion Cortes, 14, whose story can be seen here. Lucy said he has a message for them as they begin their journey without the support of their parents.

“Just stay strong,” he said. “I keep them in my prayers at night, because I can’t imagine myself getting a phone call like that at that age.”

<p><p><p>If you’d like to help the victims’ daughters, donate online <a href=”” target=”_blank”>here</a>, or through an account set up at Bank of Moundville in the daughters’ names.</p></p></p>


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