Super Bowl ads will tout Jesus ‘gets us’ to the masses

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super bowl 2023

The Associated Press

On Super Bowl Sunday, advertising’s biggest night, religion rarely makes an appearance among the much buzzed about beer and fast-food commercials.

But this year, an ad campaign is promoting Jesus’ unconditional love to counter the notion that religion is used to divide people.

The group behind the “He Gets Us” campaign is spending about $20 million to reach more than 100 million viewers at a time when the nation’s Christian population is in decline.

Christianity has long permeated the NFL culture, and regular fans are accustomed to expressions of faith, from locker-room prayers to players pointing skyward after touchdowns.

As one expert in sports and religion puts it: “Football players themselves have often been the advertisements for Jesus.”

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2/9/2023 3:53:08 PM (GMT -6:00)

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