Summer enrichment workshop offers kids a fun-filled learning evironment

Tuscaloosa city and county schools are hosting a three-week Summer Enrichment Workshop for gifted and talented students, offering a space where they can explore interests of their choice.

Instructors for the program are part of the University of Alabama’s Multiple Abilities Program, which certifies teachers in general and special education, pre-K through sixth grade.

“It is really different than the traditional education classroom because all of the courses are things that the students chose,” said SEW Supervisor Amber Barton. “They really have that opportunity to dig deep and really see what they want to do with what they are learning.”

SEW teachers create their curriculum based on fun topics and hands-on activities.

For science-minded students:

“We put eggs in vinegar for three days and it made them bounce and they were squishy,” participant Rhett Roberts said.

“We made ice cream in a bag. We have done a Coke and Mentos experiment,” Colton Swoszowski said.

In another classroom, students studied a makeshift crime scene. That’s where Ellis Brewer was, and he said the class is his favorite because he’s hoping to become a geneticist one day.

“I really like school, but some things I question,” Ellis said. “When is my future boss going to say, ‘Ellis, name three parallelograms?’ SEW has real applications that actually help you.”

Another student, Eli Maddox said his favorite part about the program has been learning about weather.

“It is going to be sunny today and partly cloudy,” Maddox said.

You may think kids wouldn’t want to go to school in the summer, but these studious students have a totally different outlook.

“I like learning about different stuff,” Delilah Brumelow said.

“My favorite thing I learned was how to code more,” Rebecca Day said.

“This has been a really fun experience,” Khloe Covington said. “I have learned loads of different things.”

More than 150 students are involved in the program this year.

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