Sugar Bowl House: Family overwhelmed with joy at Habitat dedication

The Harris family began a new chapter in their lives Friday when they cut the ribbon on their brand-new home located on Elm Street in Tuscaloosa. Richelle Harris said she is happy to become a first time homeowner.

“Very grateful and so thankful for the Sabans,” said Harris. “Just overwhelming. So overwhelming.  I am so, so thankful and everything is beautiful.”

The home was built by the Sabans’ Nick’s Kids Foundation. The home is called The Sugar Bowl house in honor of the Crimson Tide’s win last year in the Sugar Bowl. While the Tide was working hard on the field, Harris was also working hard on her home. 

“I had to work 250 sweat equity hours, which was not bad, they show you how to do everything,” said Harris. “We had fun doing it. It was not so hard and stressful it was real fun and I liked it.”

Harris will share her new home with her granddaughter Tailar, who shared the same excitement about their new home.

“I am overwhelmed with joy,” said Tailar. “I am so happy to be in my own space. The house is beautiful and my favorite color is in the bathroom. It is overwhelming. I am overwhelmed with joy.” 

This is the 20th Habitat for Humanity home sponsored by the Nick’s Kids Foundation, and the Sabans were on-hand for the dedication. But the Sabans weren’t the only members of the Crimson Tide who put in work on this latest home.

“The part I like best is doing something with the players,” said Saban. “It really is a good thing for me to form a relationship standpoint to have the players see me and do things with them other than football.” 

The Harris family is looking forward to making a whole lot of memories in their new home, and Harris has some advice for anyone who thinks they can’t afford a home. 

“Call (Habitat for Humanity Tuscaloosa.” Don’t hesitate. Get that application in,” said Harris. “They will work with you. It’s a great program.” 

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