Students showcase scientific studies Thursday

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Jacyn Abbott

Two local elementary schools gave their students a chance to show off what they’ve learned this year Thursday evening.

At Woodland Forrest Elementary it was STEM Night, where parents got a look at the hands-on science, technology engineering and math projects students have been working hard to complete.

“The exciting part here is that it shows the progression of work and skillset (students) developed from PreK to fifth grade and how it applies to the real world,” said Woodland Forrest Principal Brian Rose.

Woodland Forrest’s fifth-graders are no stranger to STEM, especially considering they were announced the elementary school winner of the 2021 Governers’ App Challenge with their Aesthetic Shop app.

The app, written in JavaScript, helps people find clothes they’re comfortable in and donate to others at the same time.

“A part of it is about developing critical thinking skills, where they experiment hands-on,” Rose said. “They experiment and learn the processes that make things work. It’s OK to fail, it’s OK to make mistakes, but that gives them the chance to reimagine and redesign something.”

At Skyland Elementary School, students were showcasing much the same, but with an added emphasis on art.

Skyland Elementary’s STEAM Night put the spotlight on students’ experiments, too.

“I believe it instills confidence in them because they are able to see their work and the journey they went on,” said Skyland Elementary Student Teacher Logan Garner. “They are able to show what they’ve learned through their pictures and by coming to the tables and showing their parents.”

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