Students sent home, police on patrol as China curbs protests

China Covid Protests

The Associated Press

BEIJING (AP) – Chinese universities are sending students home and police are fanning out in Beijing and Shanghai to prevent more protests.

That comes after crowds angered by severe anti-virus restrictions called for leader Xi Jinping to resign in the biggest show of public dissent in decades.

Authorities have eased some controls after demonstrations in at least eight mainland cities and Hong Kong.

But they showed no sign of backing off their larger “zero-COVID” strategy that has confined millions of people to their homes for months at a time. Security forces have detained an unknown number of people and stepped up surveillance.

With police out in force, there was no word of protests Tuesday in Beijing, Shanghai or other major mainland cities.

A small group gathered at a university in Hong Kong.

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11/29/2022 8:29:20 AM (GMT -6:00)

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