It was a big night for students at one Hale County elementary school as they showcased their reading skills to parents and faculty.

“Lights, Camera, Read!” was the theme at Greensboro Elementary School Tuesday night. The event served as a way to promote literacy while showing off what the students have learned.

“We have stations set up, all of our grade levels have an interactive station,” local reading specialist Tracy Jemison said. “We also have different organizations coming in: we have the Hale County Library, we have the program called Body Works. They deal with different menus, recipes to put a literacy spin on it to maybe encourage reading.”

Greensboro is in the heart of the Black Belt, where rural schools are often not praised for their test scores or reading levels. But, Greensboro Elementary School sought to change that with events like this one.

“We would like to see our pre-K and our kindergarten students coming to school with some sense of alphabetic principles like their ABC’s,” Jemison said. “At least knowing how to count to 10, knowing colors, just the basics.”

With interactive stations and games geared toward making reading fun, Greensboro Elementary students raved at the opportunity to showcase their advancements to family, friends and the entire community.

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