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Did you know Alabama nationally ranks 8th when it comes to bullying in our schools?
WVUA 23’s Chelsea Barton spent some time learning about a local effort that is working to teach students the reality and consequences bullying can have.

It’s called Bama Against Bullying, and it’s not your typical classroom lesson.

Bama Against Bullying Founder Barbie Perry is an accomplished dancer who is using her passions to make a difference among children in Tuscaloosa.

“I feel like changing the focus for them as they get into middle school is my main goal,” Perry said. “They are going to go prepared in knowing the difference between bullying and conflict, all the different types of bullying there are, how to stand up for themselves, how to stand up for others and how to believe in themselves. I want this program to really make them feel important,” Perry exclaimed.

When asked how it makes her feel to someone being bullied, 11-year-old Taniya Lewis responded, “It makes me feel sad because they could probably go home and hurt themselves.”

Ten year old Laderrick Hedgemon said, “I would tell them to talk to a trusted adult or don’t listen to the bullies.  All they are trying to do is make you feel down.”

With the help of Perry,  fifth graders at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary wrote and choreographed a song and dance to help spread this serious message.

The annual Bama Against Bullying Fashion Show will be held Thursday November 14th at the Cypress Inn Pavilion. You can buy tickets at

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