Karaoke was the main staple on Thursday night as people gathered to raise money to help find a cure for breast cancer.

The event was put on by Strive Outreach, which is a Tuscaloosa program helping raise money for healthcare and education research that pertains to breast cancer.

“We want the community to know that breast cancer is real and we just want it cured,” said Strive Outreach Founder Lakesha Sull.  “We want the people who are battling this disease to know that we support you and we are here so today is all about raising money for this cause, to give back to the community and help people.”

Along with karaoke, raffle tickets and giveaways were also given out as well. The host of the show was 92.9 radio announcer Monique Jordan. Not only people but also cancer survivors as well came out to the event tonight to not only express gratitude for the event but to tell their story as well.

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