Strip business flooded in weekend deluge

Alabama Express Flooding

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Michaela Redmond

Alabama Express on the Strip next to the University of Alabama closed its doors Saturday after severe flooding in the area created safety risks.

“With the amount of water that was in the store, there was just no way to work with customers and keep them safe,” said Alabama Express Manager Tracey Snider.

Several inches of rain poured up over the sidewalk, bleeding into the store from the windows and cedar siding as water crept up the building’s facade.

Employees said it felt like they were in an aquarium while they hauled merchandise around to ensure it wasn’t damaged.

Despite the scary-looking photos and employee worries, damage was minimal.

Snider said it took extensive manpower to clean everything up, and she was grateful for all the help.

“I had posted on Facebook that it takes a village to raise your kids and to raise your business because it was just everybody pulling together,” said Snider. “If we hadn’t pulled all of our resources together we may have been in a different situation.”

Local business neighbors brought over fans to help dry the floors and Snider said she’s hopeful no long-term issues will turn up from the flood.

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