Storm survivors bracing for Round 2 of severe weather Thursday

Sawyerville Tarps

The Hale County Emergency Management Agency spent today handing out tarps for families still needing repairs on their homes ahead of Thursday’s severe weather.

It’s been two weeks since an EF2 tornado ripped through the rural Hale County community of Sawyerville, where residents are still picking up the pieces of their lives even as they brace for more trouble ahead.

Getting hit again would be throwing salt on an open wound, but  Hale County EMA Director Russell Weeden said they’re doing what they can to ensure residents have what they need to weather this storm.

Weeden and his staff handed out and installed tarps Wednesday on homes in preparation for Thursday’s storms, and said Sawyerville will be much more weather-aware than they were two weeks ago.

Meanwhile, survivors like Annie Brown are still thanking God they’re alive.

She said she was home alone when the Feb. 3 storm sucked the roof right off her house.

Greensboro Baptist Church at 908 Main St. in Greensboro will be open Thursday as a storm shelter. You can find other storm shelter locations right here.

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