When the sun rose this morning, daylight revealed scary and in some cases unrecognizable scenes for many in Marion and Winston counties.
All of those impacted are sharing many of the same emotions: shaken, frightened and thankful to be alive.

“It was shaking everything.”
“Everything just stopped and got quiet. Then everything just got crazy.”
“It was so scary.”

Those are just a few reactions from storm survivors.

In Marion County, crews have been working tirelessly to clean up the downed trees, power lines and debris scattered along roadways and in peoples yards.
Multiple reports of damage along County Road 44 between the towns of Brilliant and Guin.
In Guin, we spoke to members of the Patel family who operate the Relax Inn off Highway 78.
Their business experienced significant damage. Thankfully their family and guests are all safe.

“It’s just a building,” Bina Patel told our crew. “We thank god that we all are okay. that’s the main thing that everyone is safe.”
Sixty-five miles away in the Winston County town of Helicon, Volunteer Fireman Caleb Farley is feeling the effects of the same storm.

“I heard the building get torn down,” said Farley. “I heard the tin flying everywhere. Stuff like that. Stuff getting crushed.”

Like many first responders, his job just began once the storm passed.

The Patels told us the Relax Inn is still open for business. Most of the damage was done to the restaurant and office on site.
The Helican Fire Department was damaged but all of their trucks and equipment were not impacted.


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