Stop the Violence rally happening Saturday

By WVUA 23 News Student Reporter Nick Balenger

A group of local business owners are coming together to promote change within the Black community.

The Stop the Violence rally is an event for young Black men ages 10 to 30 to come together and display the right message for our community’s youth. Howard Lanier is one of the group’s organizers and said they want to change the narrative they once saw when they were children.

Lanier said each of the group’s members once had a troubled past but have now turned their life around. Lanier said it’s important for Black teens and adults to understand who they are as a people.

“We’re killing each other over colors, you know. We’re fighting and shooting each other over pennies and dimes,” Lanier said. “So what we’re asking every man that comes there that day is come back to yourself. Look at you, because it starts there. And the reason we made it all Black men is because it’s our community, so it’s up to the Black men, the Black fathers.”

Along with free food and a live DJ, everyone in attendance will receive a copy of the book “Message to the Black Man.”

The event will take place Saturday at 6511 Lakefield Drive in Tuscaloosa.

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