Stillman teaming up with Christian media outlet

Stillman College 2

Stillman College is partnering with a faith-based media outlet in a bid to strengthen the college’s Christian identity and help students succeed in today’s social media-heavy world.

FAVR Lifestyle is a Christian media outlet that shares music, blogs and videos across print and digital channels. The organization’s collaboration with Stillman will include a pair of on-campus concerts next spring.

Stillman is the first college or university to form a collaborative events partnership with FAVR.

“Right now, where we are, kids need hope – people need hope,” said FAVR founder and CEO Pamela Lowery. “The FAVR platform is a resource to provide that hope, instill God’s word, and share the good news.”

Stillman President Cynthia Warrick said the idea to enhance students’ access to Christian media and resources was reflected at Stillman’s Spring 2022 Homecoming, where an on-campus gospel concert drew many students.

You can learn more about the partnership right here.

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