Stillman requiring COVID-19 vaccine proof beginning Oct. 10


By WVUA 22 News Reporter Aajene Robinson

Stillman College is soon requiring all faculty, staff and students to present proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter campus grounds.

The policy was announced Sept. 5, and goes into effect Oct. 10, which offered anyone who wasn’t yet vaccinated at the time of the announcement enough time to obtain a one- or two-dose vaccine.

Students who are not vaccinated will be accommodated through virtual classes.

Some students said the requirement isn’t fair, and have started a petition against it.

“We talked to fellow students, fellow classmates about it, and we got them to write their name down on a petition,” said Stillman junior Xavier Anderson. “A lot of them are vaccinated, but they also support our movement.”

The #therighttosayno movement has gotten more than 80 signatures from students so far. Stillman College’s study body is just under 800 students.

Stillman College junior Quin Malone said students’ voices are not being heard.

“I tried to have meetings with (officials) but they are really not listening to our opinions as students,” Malone said. “I hope here at Stillman they open up more to the students to allow the opportunity to voice our opinions. That’s the goal of the movement.”

Since the announcement Sept. 5, Stillman College conducted several rounds of mandatory COVID-19 testing and offered free COVID-19 vaccination clinics.

WVUA 23 News reached out to Stillman College Wednesday, and Stillman Director of Communications and Public Relations emailed the following statement:

“Beginning Oct. 10, Stillman College will require its faculty, staff and students to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter campus, live on campus and to teach and learn in person on campus. Stillman College will provide virtual learning accommodations to students who are not vaccinated by this date.

This decision was made under guidance from Stillman’s public health task force after thorough research and consideration of local and statewide COVID-19 rates of infection, hospitalizations, deaths and vaccination rates. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve worked diligently to ensure the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff, and this policy continues those efforts.

Stillman College’s COVID-19 vaccination policy was announced to campus on Sept. 5, and since that date, Stillman has conducted several rounds of mandatory COVID-19 testing and free COVID-19 vaccination clinics to help members of our campus community achieve this critical layer of protection and ready for this transition.

Safety for every member of our campus community will always be the driving factor in Stillman College’s policies and procedures.”

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