Stillman plans public meeting for Saturday 

For the past year, Stillman College has been working on a grant with the Environmental Protection Agency to demolish Martin Luther King Jr. and Frank H.M. Williams dorms.  

These dorms are currently vacant and owned by the Stillman Foundation. 

 “They are full of asbestos and lead paint and all kinds of things that are not healthy for anyone to be able to participate in any kind of visitation of the building,” said Stillman Assistant Vice President Mason Bonner. 

That’s why Stillman is hosting a virtual public meeting Saturday.

“What we are looking, and seeking is an opportunity for the community to look at what we have as a purpose and provide them an opportunity to give us their recommendation and their concerns in locating a recreation and fitness center in West Tuscaloosa that will not only serve the Stillman faculty, staff and students but also serve the West Tuscaloosa community.” 

This meeting will serve as the second and last public meeting for the application process for an asbestos abatement grant through the EPA. 

Stillman leaders said these buildings cannot be demolished until funding is secured. 

“I think after the application we should know by March whether we receive the funds or not,” said project manager George Wilson. 

Once funds are secured, the new fitness and recreation center will be named after Vivian Malone Jones, the first Black person to graduate from the University of Alabama. Jones lived on Stillman’s campus during her time in Tuscaloosa. 

Wilson said once they get all the information and funds gathered for the project it should take about three years to complete. 

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