Stillman hosts Educator Day to connect schools with teachers

Teachers are needed nationwide, including here at home. Stillman College is doing its part to help fill this shortage.

Friday, the school held their first ever educator day on campus.

Stillman students, alumni and Tuscaloosa residents interested in a career in the classroom had the chance to meet with 13 Alabama school districts and discuss alternate pathways to teacher certification, salaries and open teacher positions.

“I tell everyone, ‘Our children are our future,’ so it is imperative that we have skilled people in the classroom,” Stillman Dean of Career Services Andrew Robertson said. “This is a strategic way to fix the problem that we are having.”

Stillman graduating senior Helen Duncan may have found her first job through this event.

“There is a shortage on teachers. I have noticed that,” Duncan said. “I think it’s important that we try to help our future generation of kids that’s coming up because they need teachers like us to value them, to support them, to pour into them. I think it’s very important that we instill those values and morals into our students”

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