Stillman hosts celebration ahead of president’s retirement

By WVUA 23 News Student Reporter Emily Benito

TUSCALOOSA – Colleagues, students and staff gathered last week to express their thanks to Stillman College president Cynthia Warrick ahead of her retirement next year.

As the first female president of Stillman, she has expanded many funding projects and reshaped the college’s liberal arts curriculum. She has also strengthened her students’ graduate program pathways.

Warrick has served as Stillman’s president since 2017 and says she looks forward to seeing its continued growth after she retires.

“Stillman is so important in the Tuscaloosa community and so it’s just been an amazing ride. You know, it’ll be six years in January. So, it’s um, we’ve done a lot in a short period of time and now it’s time for some younger person to come in and kind of take the helm and take it forward to the next stage of its development,” said Warrick.

She says she also was honored to be able to come back to the South and make an impact helping the community.

“You know, being back home in the South, where you can see your work has a major impact, especially at a historically Black college. Just putting Stillman on the map and showing people that we’re relevant and that what we do every day changes lives,” Warrick said.

Her last day on the job is June 30. 


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