Stillman dance team performing in London

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Jeremiah Hatcher

The Stillman College Golden Perfection dance team and auxiliary services are heading to London for a cultural exchange meant to bridge the gap between international universities with colleges and universities in the United States.

The abroad trip allows each institution to learn about each other’s culture and differences within the educational system. As a bonus, perform on a national stage.

Stillman College Auxiliary Director Gregory (Xavia) Jackson brings his talent and knowledge to Stillman College while providing an opportunity of a lifetime. Generating from his research and thesis, Jackson noticed the lack of HBCU knowledge within the United Kingdom and wanted to share that culture with his peers overseas. Thus, paving the way for Stillman College Golden Perfection dance team to perform in London for millions of people.

World-renowned violinist Dsharp will be performing with the Golden Perfection. He said he hopes that his music will reach people in a new way. The talent pouring out for this show will make it unique, he says, because he knows it will be fantastic.

“I am very excited to perform with Stillman,” said Sharp. “These are some amazing musicians and talent.”

Stillman Student Life Dean Stacey Jones is tagging along, too. She said she’s hoping the women can better understand different educational systems and travel experiences. As the women travel to London, Jones hopes to expose them to more cultures than they ever have.

“This is an amazing opportunity for the young ladies who are going,” said Jones. “That allows them to look at how higher education is somewhere else and might give them a taste for travel.”

The Golden Perfection will be in London Sept. 15, and you can follow them right here.

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