Stillman comes out on top with play designed by player

Roger Davis Stillman

By WVUA 23 Sports Writer Grace Brister

Stillman College’s men’s basketball team defeated Brewton-Parker 62-61 in a Southern States Athletic Conference game with a buzzer-beater alley-oop dunk that was designed by one of their own.

Tigers junior forward Tomias Brand created the play one day while practicing and named it “T-Bird.” The play takes 6 seconds to execute, and the Tigers called the play with 7 seconds left on the clock.

Brand said when the team called his play, it felt amazing. He was happy to see how it brought his team success.

“I kind of saw it as it was happening, and I was like ‘oh they’re fixing to run the play.’ That moment just felt kind of special,” Brand said. “It definitely added a little bit to it- more of an edge, more of an excitement knowing that you kind of came up with the play. So, instead of the coach (calling) the play, it’s kind of in your hands now.”

Senior forward Roger Davis is the one who got to make the play in the game, and it was the first buzzer-beater he’s ever had.

“I feel like we are a pretty confident team when it comes down to it. Like, (in the) last final seconds or minutes in the game, we’re all clutch players,” Davis said. “Clutch players make clutch plays in big moments.”

Head coach John Teasley said he knew the play would win the team a game as soon as he saw Brand draw it up on the board.

“I just looked at him once it went down. The first thing I said to him was, I told you that play was going to win us a ball game,” Teasley said.

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