Stillman College working with Illinois law school on improving minority admissions

Web April 17

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By WVUA 23 News Reporter Raven Young

Stillman College is teaming up with Southern Illinois University Carbondale and working toward getting more minority students into the field of law.

Students at Stillman will be capable of earning a pre-law degree and attending SUI in the summer, where they’ll work on the skills they’ll need to enter law school.

Preparation for law school is crucial for success, especially among minority students, said Stillman College President Cynthia Warrick.

“We want all of our students to have all of the information that they need to make an informed decision, make the best plan because you have to start planning early on (for law school,” Warrick said. “Studying for the (Law School Admission Test), focusing on your writing, focusing on your analysis skills, critical thinking skills.”

About two-thirds of minority students who apply for law school aren’t accepted because of a low LSAT score, said SUI School of Law Dean Camille Davidson.

“Having a partner like Southern Illinois Law School that’s willing to work with us and our students through that process is ideal, because many of our students would not be able to plan and get there or be successful after they get in,” Warrick said.

About 87% of Stillman students receive Pell Grants, meaning they come from low-income households, and many are first-generation college students.

“When you come from the backgrounds that our students come from, you have to prepare sooner than later because it’s really that LSAT score that makes a difference,” Warrick said.

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