Stillman College unveils new basketball court logo, renovations

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By WVUA-23 Sports Reporter Alex Boothe

Stillman College unveiled its finished renovation project for Birthright Alumni Hall Auditorium, including a new center-court logo for basketball and volleyball.

The natural maple wood court includes a fifteen-foot wide ‘Tiger’ with an interlocking ‘SC’ logo at center-court. The logo design was voted on by the student body and the players. Stillman College Women’s Basketball Coach Alicio Dunk says his players were won over by the visual appeal of the new logo, which was created by Stillman College’s Director of Brand Identity, Natorio Howard.

“You know they just all got together and they came up with the ‘tiger’ (and) the tiger pops, so it’s just a great look,” Dunk said.

The court also has HBCU League Pass Plus logos on each sideline, and Southern States Conference logos underneath the free throw lines.

‘Alabama Gym Floors’ in Pelham, Ala. did the sanding and the refinishing portion of the court renovation.

“I know it means a lot to us coaches and our administrators but it’s really going to mean a lot to our student body and our alumni,” Stillman College Men’s Basketball Head Coach John Teasley said. “I was telling somebody earlier — you know we’ve played all over this country on different floors and different venues, and this floor right here ranks right up there with every one of them. It might be the best floor in the conference.”

The resurfaced court was made possible by HBCU League Pass Plus, who will be the exclusive digital streaming provider of Stillman athletic events.

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