Stillman College, Arts ‘n Autism expand partnership

Stillman College’s partnership with Arts ‘n Autism has been growing since 2018, and now the Learning Independence for Education and Employment Program is working with 18 students.

When the program began, students on the autism spectrum could attend classes at Stillman but weren’t working toward a degree. Now students in the program can pursue any degree they’d like at Stillman.

The program includes vocational training and supervised work experience.

Program facilitator Jamal Prewitt said it’s important that colleges offer equal opportunities for students of all abilities.

“(People with autism shouldn’t) feel ashamed,” Prewitt said. “Honestly, it is easy to feel ashamed when all it is is that you are wired a little differently. You may need a little help, but we all need help. It is important to reach out and realize that being different is not bad.”

Students in the program spend much of their time in Knox Hall on Stillman’s campus. The dorm offers the space and resources that can enhance the life skills component of the program.

Learn more about the program right here.

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