Stillman 2

By WVUA 23 Student Reporter Ashlyn Irons

TUSCALOOSA – After Stillman College cut every athletic program other than basketball, alumni and fans have had to deal with some difficult changes.

Stillman alumnae Lynda Linebarger said she was extra emotional about the situation because her father was a former Stillman football player, and that’s what made her want to attend in the first place.

But despite Stillman’s funding woes, a bright spot remains for the Tigers.

Stillman’s men’s basketball team took the SIAC title and are on the way to the NCAA Division 2 National Championships at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

The school held a “Tiger Walk” pep rally Thursday evening to celebrate and see the team off as they head north.

Students said that while the cuts were painful, basketball is still the school’s bread and butter.

Student Taylor McCantes said basketball games are big draw on campus.

Student Jason Payne said “It kind of gives us a name, like this school is not going to fade anytime soon.”

The end of this season also marks a transition into a new division, but Coach Donte Jackson said the NAIA Division 1 won’t be that much of a change.

He said he has high hopes for the future.

Stillman’s Interim Athletic Director Cassandra Moorer said the school is hoping to add back six of the cut sports during the next four years.

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