By WVUA 23 Web Coordinator David Williams III

Severe weather is constantly on the mind of those in Alabama, especially in Tuscaloosa after the tornado that ripped through the city April 27, 2011.

Laura Myers, the director of Center for Advanced Public Safety wanted to inform residents on severe weather situations and how to stay safe. The organization studies the warning communications process and works to come up with the best ways to inform the public of severe weather.

Myers said that research is extremely important because of how unpredictable severe weather can be in the region.

“This is what they call Dixie Alley in the tornado weather terminology, and our tornadoes are very different, severe weather’s very different in this region,” said Myers. “So figuring out how to better warn the public and help the various weather enterprise partners prepare for events like this and respond better to events like this.”

Many rely on siren technology, but Myers said that sirens aren’t necessarily the best form of notification, especially at night or if you’re indoors. She recommends weather radio and weather safety apps, and said that it’s key to make sure the public is aware of all the different options available so that everyone stays safe.

One of the local weather safety apps is the UA Safety App, which can be used to find shelter information on UA campus. The app also gives out immediate notifications whenever there is severe weather in the area.

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