Stay safe on the water July 4

Alea Water Safety Boat

It’s hard to believe July 4 is just a few days away, and like most summer holidays, many people will be spending the day out on the water.

Alabama State Troopers and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency want to remind anyone who’s heading for the water to stay safe.

Just like on the highway, area lakes and rivers are no place for alcohol.

Senior Trooper Freddie Ingram said anyone driving a boat should stay well hydrated and sober.

“My advice is, at all times make sure you have a good driver,” Ingram said. “Make sure you have a sober driver who can operate the boat. Anybody on board needs to act responsibly. Make sure that you know that you can drink on the body of water that you’re on. Lake Tuscaloosa has an ordinance against alcohol so make sure you’re aware of that.”

Before you head out, Ingram said you should make sure you have all the emergency and life-saving equipment required by law on your boat, including personal flotation devices and fire extinguishers.

You can find a complete list of everything you need right here.

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