State Troopers sit down, read with students in Taylorville

Troopers Read

If you saw several Alabama Law Enforcement Agency trooper cars at Taylorville Primary School Wednesday morning, no need to worry. These law enforcement officers were taking a break from patrolling the streets to pick up some books to read to the students there.

ALEA Cpl. Reginal King was still wearing his trooper hat as he took on another role.

“This is a time of year where law enforcement across the nation spend time in schools building relationships with children,” King said. “Talking about the importance and value of reading. Reading is one of the main components to creating successful citizens.”

It’s all part of Read Across America Week, which is held during the first week of March each year to encourage students to celebrate reading and promote reading for people of all ages.

Second graders at Taylorville Primary School were impressed to have a visitor read to their class.

“It was pretty good,” Cru Miller said. “He made time so he can read to us. And he loves reading.”

“He helps people in need and it was really fun to watch him come to our classroom today,” Harper Vandiver said.

King said that feeling is mutual. He hopes their visit will show children that law enforcement officers are people too and don’t only show up when something bad happens.

“It’s very important establish a good rapport with children at an early age because often we have interactions with them at times of unrest such as a traffic crash, traffic stop or other traumatic situations,” King said. “We are not superheroes or supervillains. We are community helpers and our primary function is to serve and protect. ”

And it sounded like King made even more of an impact than he intended. He may have inspired some future law enforcement officers.

“It makes me not nervous to be a police officer,” Miller said. “It makes me want to help people in need when I grow up because I am a good helper.”

That’s why King was there, he said.

“It makes my heart happy,” King said. “I am in law enforcement today because when I was young someone came to school dressed like me. I never forgot that.”

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