State tourism director discusses Civil Rights Trail, legacy

Did you know people from around the country come to Alabama to learn all about the civil rights movement through the statewide Civil Rights Trail? Alabama Tourism Department Director Lee Sentell discussed the trail as well as the book he wrote that bears the same name at the University of Alabama Feb 3.

Sentell is the author of “The Official U.S. Civil Rights Trail,” which profiles 14 cities along with the events that defined them in the context of the civil rights movement.

“I think people in Tuscaloosa or people in Alabama would be interested in knowing that universities throughout the nation are bringing motorcoach groups to this state to tour locations in Selma, Montgomery and Birmingham about where significant events happened,” he said.

Sentell said these landmarks, which aren’t just in Alabama, are worth a visit no matter your age, gender or race.

“People from all around the world want to know more about the Civil Rights Movement and how local people handled it, so it’s interesting to see that it’s become a significant tourist destination,” he said.

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