State officials host Tuscaloosa voter education forum

TUSCALOOSA – With midterm elections right around the corner, several state lawmakers who represent West Alabama hosted a voter education forum to inform residents about the amendments on the ballot.

Vonda James said sometimes it’s challenging to understand what the amendments on the ballot mean or whether a “yes” or “no” vote is for approval.

But that’s why events like these are important, said National Pan-Hellenic Council Member Florence Williams.

“With all the amendments we covered tonight, it’s very important for us to definitely understand which way we should vote, and get more understanding of what those amendments are saying,” Williams said.

State Sen. Bobby Singleton, along with State Reps. Chris England and A.J. McCampbell, hosted the forum and explained each of the 10 amendments on the upcoming ballot in detail.

“This event is all about education. It’s all about democracy,” Singleton said. “And the more you can educate a populist vote, then you can have an educated voter. Then you don’t have to worry about people going out and doing things that are gonna hurt themselves or not do the right thing by the state.”

McCampbell said his goal is to inspire everyone to get out and vote, especially younger people.

“I want people to understand the power of their vote, your voice is that one vote,” said McCampbell.

The last day you can register to vote in Alabama is Oct. 24. Election Day is Nov. 8.

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