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By WVUA 23 Reporter Libbi Farrow

<p dir=”ltr”>Anniston is not getting Coronavirus patients — after state leaders stepped in to halt the plan.</p><p>The Trump administration canceled plans on bringing coronavirus patients evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship to the Anniston Center for Domestic Preparedness.</p>

Many evacuees tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, but others also had mild flu-like symptoms. Anniston residents said the Center for Domestic Preparedness could’ve handled it, but the medical facilities weren’t all there.

“It’s like 200 first-responders that are at Anniston right now and those people are from all over the United States, so if they were to be exposed it would spread all over the United States. Anniston also doesn’t have the medical facilities to treat them, so I know all my neighbors would be opposed to it,” said Anniston resident Bill Broome.

U.S. Rep Mike Rogers, who represents the area, said he spoke to President Donald Trump, and no patients will be brought to Anniston at this time.

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