State Auditor Jim Zeigler is still taking inventory of everything the state owns that former Gov. Robert Bentley used in office, including Alabama’s beach mansion in Mobile.

Gov. Kay Ivey can’t use that building at the moment, because Zeigler is still tallying up all the state-owned items, making sure they’re all there.

Zeigler said because of the way Bentley funded renovations to the mansion, the state could wind up losing it.

“The way that former Gov. Bentley handled the beach house has left the state of Alabama in a jam,” Zeigler said. “We can legally convey it back to the original donor who lives in Louisiana, but if we do the original donor gets the benefit of the $1.8 million in BP funds that the state spend on the restoration.”

There are 98 state assets assigned to the beach house, Zeigler said. Until the audit is complete, those 98 items are Bentley’s responsibility.

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