Bidgood Hall, university of alabama

The average starting salary for a University of Alabama Manderson School of Business master’s of business administration graduate in May of 2016 was $72,217. That’s more than 8 percent higher than the 2015 class.

Director of Graduate Career Services for the Manderson Graduate School of Business Gary Ward said that’s no surprise.

“In two of the last three classes, we have had 90 percent of our students placed post graduation,” he said. “That tells us that our students are very competitive.”

If you don’t have an undergrad business degree, it’s no problem, Associate Dean Brian Gray said.

“About half of our students who come into our program typically are not business undergraduates,” Gray said. “They come from engineering, communications, journalism, you name it. We pretty much have them in the program.”

Many students in the program have very little work experience, he said.

“The average is probably two years of experience,” Gray said. “We have very few who have three or more years of work experience. That’s nice because when they come in, we spend a lot of time working with them in terms of professional development and career development to get them ready when they go. ”

Those within the Manderson School of Business expect the starting salary numbers for their graduates to rise. It’s already up more than $13,000 since 2013.

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