Starting next month, you’ll be paying more for electricity from Alabama Power

Alabama Power Tips To Beat The Heat And High Power Bills

If you get your electricity from Alabama Power, December’s bill and all those that come after are gonna be more expensive.

The power company announced it will be adjusting rates beginning with December’s bill, and the average residential customer can expect a $10 increase.

This increase is coming because of the increasing cost of fuel, Alabama Power said.

Help is available for customers who may be hit hard by this increase, and the company offers several bill payment styles. If you’re worried about paying your bill, you can chat with an Alabama Power representative online right here, via phone at 800-245-2244 or in person at an Alabama Power office.

As winter sets in, you can keep your power bill down by better insulating your home, setting your thermostat lower and reducing usage.

Alabama Power customers can enroll in the company’s My Power Usage program to better visualize their energy use or can get an energy checkup for their homes.

If sky-high summer and winter bills are an issue, customers can sign up for budget billing, which averages the cost over several months and avoids billing surprises. Rates are adjusted every few months.

Need help figuring out the best ways to save? You can find tips and tricks right here.

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