By WVUA 23 Reporter Aajene Robinson

A Fall Festival event was held at the Saint Mark United Methodist Church on Sunday Oct. 20 from 3 to 5 p.m.

The event was a family-friendly community gathering event that had games, rides, food and fun for all ages.

It was a safe environment for children to play and for parents to mingle and build relationships with one another.

Lisa Bush, a 10-year member of the church, said she comes to all the events with her grandsons.

“It’s a good time to get together with those in the church and reach out to those around the church, especially in our surrounding neighborhoods,” Bush said. “Just a time of healthy, safe, fun for kids in a world that’s maybe not always safe. It’s a good time to participate with adults and children alike.”

There will be many events hosted throughout the year that reaches out into the community to connect with members of the church

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