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TUSCALOOSA – Spring Break is under way at the University of Alabama today, and many local businesses feel the effects of fewer students in town.

Some restaurants cut back their hours, like JD’s Market, which will be closed from Sunday to Wednesday next week. Other restaurants shut down entirely, like City Café in Northport.

Rama Jama’s is staying open, but is short-staffed.

“When I hire University of Alabama students, which I enjoy having the opportunity to employ university students, certain times of the year they’re gonna be going to relax, and Spring Break is one of those times,” Rama Jama’s owner Gary Lewis said.

Other places say the break is good for business.

David Jones, the owner of BamaStuff said plenty of families with college-age students visit Tuscaloosa during their time off, and that means more shoppers at his store.

“There are a lot of families coming through, visiting different schools, they’re on Spring Break and they just want to see the campus and they wanna get a souvenir while they’re here so it’s a good week for us.”


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