Joseph Christopher Spota has also been indicted by a Tuscaloosa County grand jury.

Spota is the man who was arrested early this month on a kidnapping and first degree rape charge.
Police say he lured women into his vehicle by posing as a church employee providing sober rides.
He’s now been indicted on two additional counts of attempted rape.
He turned himself in to the Tuscaloosa County Jail this morning.
He’s being held on a $300,000 bond as a result of information obtained during the original investigation.
Authorities say there are now three victims and ten other women Spota had contact with.
However, criminal activity did not stem from all of these encounters.

Authorities believe Chris Spota is a sexual predator.
The attempted rapes also occurred on August 30, the same night as the alleged rape.

If you have or know anyone who Chris Spota has attempted to have contact with in this manner, you’re asked to contact the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Department at (205) 752 – 0616.


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