Spirit of Alabama: Volunteers ensure disaster stricken get their homes, hearts healed

Spirit Of Alabama

Tornado and hurricane season bring plenty of damage to Alabama, but for the past several decades volunteers from Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa have gone wherever help is needed.

Their latest stop is Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church in Bibb County, which was hit by a tornado earlier this year and didn’t have the resources to recover on its own.

Most of the volunteers have been doing this kind of work for more than 30 years, and the church’s work trailer is a mobile diary of all the places and people their ministry has touched.

“We’ve done it for a long time and we do it out of a love for our people,” said volunteer Eddie Lary. “When we see the television coverage of disasters and people in trouble, it tears our hearts as a church and we have a desire to be there.”

A small generator supplies the power needed for saws and nail guns as volunteers work on replacing the roof ripped from the church so members can worship in the sanctuary once again.

“God is in control of everything,” said Ebenezer Missionary Pastor Evan Morris. “And even with this, they are saving us so much time, so much in finances that will help us empower the community. And they get to see people come together, which I think will strengthen the community as well.”

Their current mission is getting the roof replaced. After that, work will continue inside the church.

While some are working outside others are toiling away in the kitchen, ensuring the team gets a hearty meal every day. In the summer heat, good food and plenty of water are critical.

“I think this is a picture of the gospel because it’s about restoring people to what God intended,” said Ridgecrest Baptist Pastor David Mills. “This church was destroyed and these men and women have come to restore it so that it can continue to be a place of hope and a place for people to continue to worship God.”

That’s exactly what Jesus Christ does for his children, Mills said, and the volunteers are using their faith to bless others with what they themselves have been blessed with.

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