Spirit of Alabama: The best seats for the Kentuck Art Center

At first glance, you might not know that Hunter Tunnell and Boy Scout Troop 90 leader Mike Henderson are demonstrating Hunter’s Eagle Scout project. The two are sitting on one of the special benches that Hunter built. He came to scouting a little later than some. His mom encouraged him try something new.

“I like camping, so scouting was a lot of outdoor activities,” Hunter said. “And I just enjoy it a lot, being outside.”

He said it’s also helped him get out of his shell some. It’s helped him develop relationships with other people.

Becoming an Eagle Scout is a very big deal and requires a lot of study and hard work. It’s the highest rank a scout can achieve.

“It’s for the special times that come about later in life,” said Henderson. “We were sitting in a restaurant one evening and I got a phone call from a kid up in New York. ‘Hey Mr. Mike I want to tell you my movie got nominated for an Oscar.’ The special times like that. We get invited to a wedding where one of these young men get married or the graduations. Those are the special times for me to see that happen where these young men and women are now succeeding in life. I hope I have had a small part to do with their development.”

The six benches are placed next to the Kentuck Art Center in what’s called The Courtyard of Wonders. They’re called Leopold benches. They are designed for specifically for bird watchers. People can sit in them facing the front, and the back, using the back as an armrest.

Amy Echols, the executive director of the Kentuck Art Center, told us the benches are a perfect fit for the courtyard.

“Oh, they’re fancy. They are awesome.” she said. “I first saw them in another park. When I understood the concept where you can turn around backwards, use your binoculars and rest your hands on them.”

Hunter Tunnel is on track to be a good and productive grown-up. After all, that’s what scouting is all about.

“It really does bring about success in young men and women,” Henderson said. “We’re very proud of them. Now that we have gone through the program, reached Eagle Scout and are moving on to leading lives of success within our community.”

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