Spirit of Alabama: Teen graduates twice in one day

Spirit Of Alabama

Graduation day is always a big deal, but there aren’t many people who graduate from two schools in one day.

At 15, LeAnna Roberts doesn’t let her age dictate her goals. She graduated from Central High School and Shelton State Community College this summer, and is finishing her undergraduate degree at the University of Alabama.

“We are extremely proud of LeAnna,” said mother Latonya Roberts. “She’s worked extremely hard to get exactly where she is today.”

As a high-schooler, LeAnna stayed active as a cheerleader and in sports, too, so you’d think getting good grades was easy. But her mom knows better.

“She spent countless hours studying, midnight up until the early hours of the morning,” Roberts said. “I can still hear LeAnna upstairs studying. Once she sets her mind to doing something, she remained focused and committed.”

It took a lot of sacrifice and time management, LeAnna said.

“There were a lot of weekends I couldn’t go do what I wanted to do, and I was at home doing work,” she said. “But now it’s paying off and I don’t regret anything.”

LeAnna said she couldn’t have done it without the teachers who believed in and encouraged her along the way.

Her eventual goal is heading to medical school and becoming an orthopedic surgeon.

“The idea of being able to help someone, allowing them to walk again or things like that, play with their children, play with their family is ideal,” she said.

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