Spirit Sisters

Two sisters in Moundville have dedicated their careers to caring for, and loving, others.

On the outside, Moundville Health and Rehabilitation looks like most other assisted living or nursing facilities. But, when welcomed inside, visitors come to know that this place is a little different.

“Just try to talk to them and try and see you and make them feel better for their self and take about different things,” Mary Ann Jones said.

Dorothy Didway and Jones are sisters in life and sisters in their passion for caring for folks who really need it. The duo spends their days doing more than just the work that needs to be done.

“They trusted us and the care that we that we gave them, that’s what made it so important,” Didway said.

Didway and Jones know what they’re talking about. They’ve both worked at Moundville Health and Rehabilitation for 40 years. According to the sisters, one doesn’t work somewhere that long and just think of it as a job.

“No, you have to care about what you do, and you have to love people,” Didway said. “You have to have compassion.”

The staff, management and even the CEO of the company celebrated these special women last week. They love the residents but feel the residents serve them, too.

“Helping people and joy,” Jones said. “Like, problems come into your life and you come in and talk to the residents and they make you feel good, you forget about your problems.”

<p>The sisters say they pray with and pray for the residents, and sometimes, the residents reciprocate.</p><p>Norman Estes, the CEO of NHS Management, the company that owns and operates some 50 facilities, was at the sisters’ celebration because he said he values good employees, especially those who go beyond what the job calls for.</p>

<p>“Well, they’re very special,” he said of Didway and Jones. “As a matter of fact, they’re not just leaders in this facility, they’re leaders in their community: they do volunteer work, they’re active in their churches, they help us recruit quality people that want to become employees. They’re very spectacular individuals.”</p><p>The celebration was not a retirement party; the sisters do not plan to go anywhere anytime soon. But now, as the festivities die down, the sisters will hang their plaques on the wall and get back to doing what they’ve done for decades: making life better for everyone they meet. And that is the spirit of Alabama.</p>

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