Spirit Kids

For 9-year old Nargiz and her 8-year old brother Alisher, martial arts practice is just another item on their busy schedule. They moved to America four years ago from Uzbekistan.

They love martial arts, but it’s just one thing that their father Ulugbek has them involved in.

“I like it because I can spar and I can learn new things from other people and I can make new friends,” Alisher Khasanov said.

They both practice every week and they’ve already achieved impressive success.

Their instructor Brett Bailey said for their ages, both Khasanov children work hard and it pays off.

”They have been training a little over a year now so they come to class. You know part of what the key to being successful is repetition doing things over and over so they come to class four or five times a week,” Bailey said. “They’re very dedicated and their father is always asking about different ways they can practice at home and what they can do outside of the classroom to become better.”

Both Nargiz and Alisher are also involved in serious chess competitions as well. They both do very well in school too.

Nargiz said it’s important to not be afraid to make a mistake, in fact, it’s a great way to learn.

”My teachers helping me when I make mistakes and my friends when I make mistakes they help me,” Nargiz Khasanova said.

The Khasanov children’s accomplishments aren’t about showing off or being better than any of their peers.

With their strong family involvement, they just want to be the best they can be.

Chess and martial arts are just a couple of the tools the Khasanov children are using to become the successful adults they want to be.

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