Reporting by WVUA 23’s Mike Royer

Dr. Kent Daum, isn’t like most optometrists.

“We more or less break even but we don’t make money,” he said.

He isn’t in business, isn’t trying to be successful and make money.

“I find that the Lions are people that just care about people and that’s a beautiful thing to be able to say,” Daum said.

Lions Clubs of America is the largest civic organization of its kind in the world. Started in 1917, members of Lions Clubs International have looked for ways to make their communities and the world better. In the spirit of this, Daum and his team spend their days in this big bus. It’s the Alabama Lion’s Sight Mobile Eye Clinic. It’s easy to spot when it comes to your community, covered in pictures of folks who have come here to get eye exams at little or no cost.

“We have designed this clinic so it really meets the needs of the people that are here,” Daum said. “So, we’re especially sensitive to the people that don’t have insurance.”

Patrons can get a complete eye exam for $20, which is less than a copay one would have even if they had the best insurance, and that $20 includes everything.

Alabama Lion’s Sight is especially sensitive to people who don’t have insurance or money. The team does their best to be sensitive, polite and patient to all needs. They want every person that enters here to know they’re getting the best care possible.

“We are dedicated to providing these people that we see with exactly the same care that they would get if they came to a clinic in Vestavia,” Daum said.


For most of us, the eye chart looks pretty clear and we can read most of it, most of the time. But for many, their vision and their finances may not be so clear. But, that’s the business of the lion’s sight bus.

Here’s the schedule for the Lion’s Sight bus for the rest of October. Daum and his staff look forward to keeping a sharp eye out for new patients. And that is the spirit of Alabama.

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