Spirit of Alabama: Habitat Christmas Home

By now most everyone is very familiar with the outstanding work done by Habitat for Humanity Tuscaloosa.  The organization built ten homes in our area in 2022 and plans are for even more next year.  Ellen Potts, the Executive Director of Habitat, says the support from the community makes it all possible.

“We are so grateful, so grateful, especially at this time of year, but all of the year. We have so many wonderful, wonderful partners who help us do what we do.”

The latest home, located on Ash Street, is the first of what is known as “Unity Homes”.  They cut the ribbon for the Richey family on Dec. 22. The family finished moving in just in time for their first Christmas celebration in their new home.  Shunder Richey says this is a dream that she never believed would happen.

“I always wanted to be a home owner but I thought everyone would say no.  So, I came across the application twice. I applied a couple weeks later and learned I was approved. I literally started crying. I thought this cannot be real. And now to look at it – it’s overwhelming. It really is,” said Richey.

Potts says home ownership is one of the most important things a family can accomplish.

“Home ownership is one of the most transformative things in a person’s life. It stabilizes the family. The children have a sense of place. The adults have a sense of place. We’ve had so many of our homeowners who once they got into their Habitat Home and thought, “I can aspire to greater things.”

It’s important to know that owners of Habitat Homes put in a lot of work – sweat equity –  during the building of the home.  They’re able to qualify for a zero-interest loan, but then like many of us, they have a house payment.  But, it’s one they can handle.


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