Spirit of Alabama: Greater Faith Church builds back. Again.

Spirit – Moundville Church

Many pastors, missionaries and spiritual leaders say they felt a calling to serve others. For some, that calling is tested with tragedy.

A good example of that tested faith is found at Greater Faith Church in Moundville.

On April 27, 2011, their church, then located in the Alberta community of Tuscaloosa, was wiped out along with much of the area. Church leaders decided to make the move to Moundville, and all was well.

Then, in March 2021, another tornado leveled their second home. Now, they’re building back better than ever at their site on Alabama Highway 69, just outside Moundville.

“Well I would honestly say that God grows us through challenges, and He gives us everything we need and the blessings to make it,” said Pastor David Evans. “He already knows the ending from the beginning.”

Church Elder Warren Montgomery said he believes it was all part of the plan.

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“I don’t think it was really discouraging, because as a matter of fact, when the tornado took place back here last March, my first thought was that God wanted to do something greater,” Montgomery said. “We’re witnessing that happening now.”

The brand-new building is a dream come true for Evans, but it’s not the life he’d originally dreamed about.

“I did not want to start a church,” Evans said. “I was already pastoring a very segregated Black Baptist church and just wanted more for the kingdom and more out of ministry, and God was allowing us to transition out of that and we started Greater Faith Church.”

Evans said he hopes that one day churches aren’t colloquially known as “white” churches or “Black” churches. He’d rather they be called what they are: Churches.

“Ever since the initial tornado we’ve had great people like Church of the Highlands, Hall-Taylor Construction, Scott Moore of One Hope Church in Northport, John Quick of Hope City in Alberta, and just a host of pastors who really want to see the Kingdom manifested, and not church,” Evans said.

As workers put the finishing touches on the building, Evans and Montgomery said they can’t wait to welcome their parishioners again, along with anyone who wants a taste of God’s word.

“Yes, we’re very much excited because the main thing is creating a place of refuge, a place where people can come and find who they are in God,” Montgomery said. “That’s what we’re looking forward to doing, to create an atmosphere in this community where they can be blessed.”

Their first service in the new building is planned for April 24, but Evans already knows what he’ll be preaching on that day.

“(God’s) already given it to me,” he said. “You belong here.”

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