University of Alabama swimmer Caroline Korst knew she was destined to be a swimmer from an early age.

“That’s when my mom said she knew I was going to be a swimmer,” Korst said. “When she just couldn’t keep me out of the water.”

As a full-time student and a leader of the swim team in the competitive Southeastern Conference, Korst has been a busy woman in and out of the pool over the past four years.

When the Alabama senior from Frisco, Texas, isn’t maintaining her spot on the academic honor roll or serving as the president of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, she’s setting school records in the NCAA and SEC Championships.

And when she isn’t in sporting goggles and a swim cap or diving into books, she can be found taking a hammer to a nail at Habitat for Humanity, where she’s volunteered for the past four years.

It’s a way to give back to a community that’s given her so much, she said.

“It’s nice to get a chance to give back and help out the community,” she said. “Without them, we wouldn’t have the support system that we have and the opportunities that we have here, and so it’s an incredible opportunity to have a chance to honor them in our own way.”

One of Korst’s favorite projects has been the home built in honor of her friend and teammate John Servati, who died in a tornado on April 28, 2014, when a wall in the basement he and his girlfriend were huddled in collapsed.

“John was just such an incredible person,” Korst said. “If you needed to call someone for help in a bad situation, you would call John. He would be the first one to drop whatever he was doing and come help.”

Korst said she’s planning on continuing her work with Habitat for Humanity long after her time at Alabama is over. Even still, she’ll miss making a difference in Tuscaloosa, as well as the team she calls her family.

“It’s going to be a tough transition,” she said. “But I know that I’ll still stay in contact with everyone because that’s what you do when you’re a family.”


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