Spirit of Alabama: 100-year-old woman builds strength through prayer

Spirit Prayer Warrior

A hundred years ago in 1922, President Warren G. Harding showed off the first radio in the White House. That same year, 100-year-old Louise Taylor was born.

Even at a century Taylor doesn’t wear glasses, doesn’t need hearing aids and is still just as brilliant as she was when she was decades younger. There’s a good reason for that, she said. Prayer.

“I wake up every morning, I pray,” Taylor said. “All through the day I sit here, I pray. I pray, I thank God for every day that He let me live, cause if it wasn’t for the Lord I wouldn’t be living that day.”

Taylor still takes care of herself, and is more than happy to show off her scrapbooks, filled with so much more than pictures. They’re all blessed memories. Many are good. Some are sad.

“And here’s my brother,” she said, pointing at one picture. “All of them were living then. They were here at my mother’s birthday, and that’s another friend of mine who was singing for my mother.”

Her dog Rachel is her faithful companion, always seated by her side, and family and friends come check on her every day.

Over the years, hundreds of folks have gathered from time to time in front of Taylor’s home. She calls them meetings, but these meetings offer her a chance to share her faith and pray. Her message is always simple, she said.

“The same God that looked down on you and woke you this morning woke me,” she said. “And God is a just God, and God doesn’t want any of us to walk around hating one another because we’re all looking to see the same God.”

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