Special Olympics Iron Bowl

Story by WVUA 23’s Grace Campbell.

Auburn and Alabama met on the field Sunday afternoon for something that was more than a school rivalry. They met for the annual Special Olympics Unified Flag Football Iron Bowl.

The Lee County Tigers and the Tuscaloosa Tide battled it out on the University of Alabama intramural fields for a fun day of hard work and playful competition. 

“We’re having a fantastic day, we’re having fun out on the field, and we’re playing hard and tough out here,” Tuscaloosa Tide player Trey Baker said.

The Special Olympics Unified Rivalry Series brings people with and without intellectual disabilities together, to allow them to show off their skills, talents and abilities. 

Both teams appreciate the unified programs because it helps break up the stereotypes across the country of people with intellectual disabilities.

“I think it benefits the community in teaching people what inclusion truly looks like,” Lee County Special Olympics Director Elizabeth Kaufman said. “Everyone in the world has a role and a purpose, they just need that right avenue and that right support to exercise that purpose and that place.”

The President of Special Olympics at UA, Jordon Croson, said that without the unified program a lot of their athletes would not have the extra social benefit, so she appreciates the program because it brings students and community members together. 

After battling it out on the field, the Tuscaloosa Tide ended up on top with a score of 14-4.

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