Southern Ghost Girls investigate Drish House

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Erin Patterson

Spooky season came early this year to Tuscaloosa thanks to the Southern Ghost Girls, who were in town to investigate the paranormal happenings purported to occur at the Drish House.

Lesley Ann Hyde founded the Cullman-based group in 2013.

“We are a really unique group of ladies, we’re all professional women and we all have regular day jobs during the day,”Hyde said.

The Ghost Girls invite people to join them on real ghost-hunting tours in some of Alabama’s most haunted places. This week’s stop was the historic Drish House on 17th Street.

Built in the center of a plantation spanning 450 acres in 1837, the mansion was the home of of Dr. John and Sarah Drish. Dr. Drish died after falling down the stairs in 1867, and Sarah died 17 years later.

“The Drish house is really special because it was in ’13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffery,’ the book. So it was in that, one of the chapters and there is a whole ghost story about it,” Hyde explained.

Armed with copper dowsing rods and an arsenal of radio and LED equipment, the Ghost Girls try to detect and communicate with spirits.

The time-period appropriate clothing they were is meant to make the spirits feel more comfortable engaging with them.

“We can get yes and no questions with these dowsing rods, we can have spirits go up to our REM pods, they have an EMF field that if something were to go in that field, it would set off and we can get answers that way” said Lead Investigator Lauren Wilson.

Those who go on the tour get a chance to use and interact with all the equipment, as well as actually playing a role in the investigation.

The Southern Ghost Girls will return to Drish House for another paranormal investigation on October 8th. For more information on the ghost girls and their tours, head over to

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