Some teachers are stressing over low pay

Some current and retired teachers in Alabama are upset over low pay for educators.

Former teacher DeAndre Dixon said educators are the backbone of our country. He said the pay they receive is just not feasible, especially in today’s economy.

“Honestly, the current salaries for teachers are tremendously unfair,” Dixon said. “Teachers deserve a lot, and honestly, when the pandemic happened, I felt like that would be a time in America when we would realize the importance of teachers.”

According to the Economic Policy Institute, in 2019 teachers made about 20% less than other college-educated workers with similar experiences.

Francine Hughley has taught in the Tuscaloosa City Schools for 30 years.

“Teachers are barely making $60,000 right now even with dual degrees,” she said.

State lawmakers approved a base pay raise for state education employees in April. They hope the higher pay will attract more people to become teachers.

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